This is help center email and all things will be here

This product comes with a 12-month warranty that covers the device only.

Please follow the instructions for use and maintenance to keep the device in good condition.

We are not responsible for damage to the device in the following cases:

Water damage

Open the internal components of the device

Use of sharp objects


Theft or loss

Accident, misuse or abuse

Use with unauthorized accessories or use other than as instructed.

A specialized team will inspect the device to verify the damage (via video or other means).

Once the damage has been verified, a specialized team will repair or replace the device at their discretion.

- Free shipping on orders over: 150 USD

- Shipping takes:


- For shipping status, arrival, and follow-up, please contact: Help center

Or the shipping company will send you a tracking number

Or please contact …… to know the arrival date of the order

You have 7 days to cancel your order and return it for a full refund. ( 14 days is too long.)

If you exceed the specified period, you cannot cancel your order or return it for a refund.

You cannot return an order after opening the box or using the product.

You cannot return an order if the product or box is damaged.

You are responsible for the cost of returning the order.

The refund will be issued once the product has been returned and inspected.

If you receive your order in damaged condition:

Contact us immediately to resolve the issue.

A specialized team will inspect the order to verify the damage (via video or other means).